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Mobilizing Faith Communities to Advocate for Public Education

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Our public school system is a common good that serves all children. 

It is our responsiblity to ensure student needs are being met.

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"No other social institution ... actively lives out the principle of God's love for every human being."

— Rev. Benjamin Campbell, Episcopal Priest, on public education

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 We invite faith communities across North Carolina to join us in supporting our public school neighbors. 

Prayer Vigil for Public Edcuation held in Raleigh North Carolina
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 We work to ensure all North Carolina children have an equal chance to learn and grow

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We are an independent, nonpartisan ministry and mission group that strives to engage a diverse range of faith communities.

Prayer Vigil for Public Education, Raleigh North Carolina
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PASTORS for CHILDREN is a growing network of affiliates representing:

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Be part of our campaign that conveys community concerns directly to education decision makers. 

Post card messages sent to state legislators to support public school students.